Why Vegan Beauty?

Why Vegan Beauty?

Make up is make up right? No nasties, just fun powders, liquids, creams we put on our face... right? 

As you may already know, this unfortunately is not the case.

With the recent boom of veganism and information being easily accessible in the palm of our hands through mobile phones, more and more consumers are researching exactly what goes into their bodies. The rise in those eating a plant based diet is unprecedented, and vegan beauty is following closely behind. The want for clean, organic, vegan and cruelty free make up is on the rise and for good reason. 

For background on what is in your make up, check out our blog 'Wait, what did you say is in my make up'

But why should we be making a conscious effort to make sure our make up is cruelty free? Apart from the fact that testing on animals is cruel and most of us don't want to have a hand in that, using environmentally friendly products is more important than ever. Using plant based products will only help with our ever over used and neglected planet. 

Ultimately, if a product 'needs' to be tested on an animal because its got horrible nasties in that could potentially harm me... I don't want to put that on my face and body thank you very much. 

It seems I'm not the only one, the Vegan Society has seen a 360 per cent uptake in veganism. Due to reduced emissions and waste materials, veganism is said to be better for our planet and has therefore sparked the growth in demand for products that are environmentally conscious. 

MeiKind only provide vegan make up, but many are also certified organic. So if you're looking for clean make up, check them out.

I'd love to know you're thoughts on this subject, one that is very close to my heart, so please feel free to leave a comment.





April 08, 2018 by Mei Fisher
Plump, Luscious Lips

Plump, Luscious Lips

Do you want plump, juicy lips? Or just fancy changing up your look today? There are so many tricks you can do to emphasis and plump up lips without having to go under the knife. I love how easy it is to play around with lip colour and shape depending on the look you're going for.

Let me share some fun tricks and steps for you to try out. 


Firstly, you want to prep the lips. I like to gently exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush and warm water, just to get rid of any dead skin. 

Optional step: If you want to really plump up those lips, take a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix them together and apply them to lips, this will feel tingly as it brings blood to the surface of the lips, plumping and giving them that just kissed look. Leave the mix on the lips for up to 10 minutes. 


As you can imagine, your lips can feel pretty dry after that so I immediately apply a lip balm or serum. My current fave and lip savior is INIKA's organic lip serum.


Use a concealer such as BWCs cream concealer pencil, to line the outside of your lips to give them that super 3D effect 3. Blend the line out so its not too harsh and looks natural. 


Line lips with your chosen lip shade. Over line lips if you want them to look even plumper. Using a lip liner gives that clean lip line and longer lasting colour. We recommend PHB's organic lip crayons or Barry M's lip liner.









  Fill in

If you want really juicy, plump lips, go for a lip gloss or a high shine lipstick. Barry M's Gelly High Shine Lips and Saturated Colours Lip Vinyl liquid lipsticks are perfect for this. 









If you prefer matte lipsticks then I'd recommend blending two lipstick shades. Use a darker liner and lipstick on the outer edges of your lips like a contour, and a lighter shade to use on the higher points like a highlighter. Matte Me Up Lip Paint from Barry M and Zao's certified organic, Matte Lipsticks are my absolute favorites on a daily basis.  


Highlight the high points of your lips, so your cupids bow and the middle of your bottom lip to give further definition. There are so many highlighters I love right now, but currently I'm loving this illuminating palette, particularly the shade 'Iced Pink'... it's so pretty!

Optional step: Add a bit of bronzer just under your bottom lip to use like a contour



And that's it! Comment below if you tried out any of these tips or tried any of the products we mentioned. Just have fun, that's what makeup is all about. Use feel good make up from MeiKind.co.uk to keep it cruelty free and totally vegan!

April 01, 2018 by Mei Fisher
Where it all started, Veganuary!

Where it all started, Veganuary!

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January 20, 2018 by Mei Fisher
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Ready. Set. LAUNCH!
January 10, 2018 by Mei Fisher
Wait! What's in my make up?

Wait! What's in my make up?

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This may shock you.

January 07, 2018 by Mei Fisher