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Up until now, MeiKind have specialised in bringing our customers the UK's vegan, cruelty free cosmetics to one place. We quickly noticed there was a demand and that this was only the beginning. 

Over recent years there has been a surge of people asking WHAT. What. Is is in my food. Is in my makeup? Is in my perfume? What is in my skin care? 

We care. We're educating ourselves on not only how these products can effect our bodies...  but also on how these products can affect our planet. How incredible and exciting is that!? Companies are catching on taking pride in where they source their ingredients, our hope is that eventually no skin care, perfumes, cosmetics will contain animal derived ingredients, be tested on on animals, or harm our beautiful planet. 

With that, we would like to introduce to you our new vegan skincare products. We've started by teaming up with UpCircle and The Gentle Label


Coffee Face Scrub - Floral Blend


UpCircle are an amazing company who create skin care such as face scrubs and serums from our left off coffee grounds! GENIUS! They had this clever idea back in 2015, seeing how much waste was coming from London coffee shops. 

MeiKind are stocking UpCircles 3 coffee face scrubs:

  1. Floral Blend - sensitive skin
  2. Herbal Blend - oily/combination skin
  3. Citrus Blend - dry/dehydrated skin

As well as a beautiful organic face serum, suitable for all skin types, and full of antioxidant-rich coffee and rosehip oils for fading dark spots and brightening complexion.


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The Gentle Label have stripped skin care back to the basics. They are beautifully simple yet effective. 

The Gentle Label face wash gently foams to removes daily grime and deep cleans pores without stripping away skin’s natural oils. And The Gentle label rose mist acts as a toner and whilst hydrating skin. No gimmicks, no bells and whistles. These products are just simple and do what they say on the tin. 



As you can probably tell, we're pretty excited to expand into skin care and venture into more and more kind, vegan and cruelty products. 

Be gentle. Be kind. 
February 24, 2019 by Mei Fisher

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