Wait! What's in my make up?
Concerned and shocked, a good friend of mine asked me this question. We were having a good old chin wag over multiple soy lattes, when we came onto the subject of make up and what actually is in our make up. She had never really thought about it before and she’s not alone. I also hadn’t thought about this until I took the decision to go vegan just over a year ago. Since then, I’ve made the connection between what I eat and animal cruelty, and more recently I’ve been looking into what I wear and use on a daily basis. 
Would it shock you to know that many eye shadows and lipsticks in the UK contain an ingredient called tallow. Also known as rendered cow fat. And that’s just the start. Gelatine is another familiar ingredient found in our makeup bags, made from boiling pig or cow bones, ligaments and tendons. It’s often difficult to spot the animal ingredients on our make up labels which maybe one of the reasons why the majority of us haven't noticed this before. 
I was appalled when I realised I had unknowingly been putting these ingredients on my entire adult life and therefore contributing to horrifying cruelty, all for the sake of my own vanity. And what’s worse is, there is absolutely no need for it! 
There are so many vegan, cruelty free cosmetics companies with the same mission as MeiKind. To rid our makeup collections of these ingredients and make it easy for people to find feel good, vegan cosmetics. 
We’re just setting out on our journey but MeiKind invite you to join our little community on this mission. 
January 07, 2018 by Mei Fisher

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